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PRSA Nebraska Paper Anvil Entry Guidelines

PRSA Nebraska's Paper Anvil Awards program is an annual competition that recognizes projects and programs demonstrating excellence in the public relations profession. The awards competition is open to all communications practitioners who reside in Nebraska. A significant portion of the work in all entries must have been implemented after Oct. 1, 2018. 

The Paper Anvil Awards program is mirrored after the PRSA National Silver and Bronze Anvil Programs. Practitioners entering programs and projects for Silver or Bronze Anvil consideration may also submit copies of the same materials to PRSA Nerbaska's Skyline Awards.

Each Entry Must Include

  • Summary Page
    • The summary should address each of the judging criteria: research, planning, execution and evaluation.
    • Please note: Do not use smaller than a 10-point typeface or margins less than one-inch margins. (Save file as Word doc or PDF and clearly label.)
    • Maximum length for submissions: two pages
  • Supplemental Materials
    • Examples include public relations planning documents, research reports, surveys, news releases, pictures, clippings and samples of tactical materials. 
    • Please note the following: If you are an award recipient, these matierials may be shared publicly at the Awards Gala. Please be sure to have approvals prior to submitting any award entries.
    • Please note: Name each file with exact name of entry, organization and category and support document.
  • Organization's Logo
    • EPS or PNG format preferred
  • Award Details
    • Name of individual(s) and organization to be on the award for each entry (no more than two lines, 32 characters per line)

Entry Instructions

  • There are separate instructions for program, project and individual entries. 
  • Entries that exceed specified size, length or format parameters will not be considered.
  • Information requested on the official entry form must be submitted with each entry.
  • All digital materials submitted become the property of PRSA Nebraska.

Entry Eligibility

  • Each Paper Anvil Awards category is open to all communications practitioners who reside in Nebraska. 
  • Individuals, companies and organizations may submit an unlimited number of entries for public relations, communications and campaign efforts completed after Oct. 1, 2018.
  • It is not necessary to be a PRSA member in order to submit for an award. 
  • A significant portion of the work must have been conducted after Oct. 1, 2018. 
  • The same material may be submitted in more than one category -- but separate entry forms, fees and supplemental materials are required. A single program may only be entered into a maximum of three seperate categories.

Entry Fees and Deadlines

Payment, entries and all supplemental materials must be received by 11:59 p.m. CT on the day of the deadline.


Early Bird Fee

*Submitted Before Sunday, Sept. 29, 11:59 PM CT.

Regular Fee

*Submitted after Sunday, Sept. 29, 11:59 PM CT but before Friday, Nov. 1, 11:59 PM CT

Late Fee

*Submitted after Friday, Nov. 1, 11:59 PM CT but before Friday, Nov. 8, 11:59 PM CT

Member $75 $85 $105
Non-Member $90 $100 $120
Student $20 $30 $50
  • Each entry submitted for judging requires a separate entry fee.
  • Only PRSA Nebraska members in good standing qualify for the member rate. The member's name must appear on entries submitted at the member rate. To receive the member rate, the PRSA Chicago member must have contributed substantially to the program or project.
  • Fees will not be refunded for entries that qualify for the member rate but were entered at the non-member rate. 


Entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges made up of PRSA members from the PRSA Hawaii Chapter. In the event that a judge has a close affiliation with a particular entrant or entry, that judge will abstain from evaluating that category. Awards may not be given in a particular category if judges determine that entries do not qualify for excellence recognition. Judges may assign an entry to another category if they deem it more appropriate. Judges’ decisions are final.

Award Notification

Finalists will be notified by email prior to the awards gala registration deadline. Entrants must provide two email addresses to ensure that finalists are notified promptly. All finalists will have won either a Paper Anvil Award of Excellence or Award of Merit, but the actual results will not be announced until the awards gala.

Submission and Payment

All entries must be submitted and paid for by 11:59 p.m. on the day of the deadline. An email confirmation of payment will be sent to the email address provided. All entries MUST be submitted online. No printed submissions will be accepted.  

Tips for Preparing Your Entry Summaries

The two-page summary is the single most important component of the entry. Judges evaluate the program on the merit of the four criteria — research, planning, execution and evaluation. Your entry should begin with a brief situation analysis for your program. Visit www.prsa.org/Awards/Search to view examples of national award-winning case studies.

Use the following questions to help you prepare a strong entry:

  • Research
    • How did you determine the necessary research? (Primary, secondary or both)
    • Was the research in response to a situation or further opportunities?
    • How was the research relevant in shaping the planning process?
    • Did the research help define or refine audiences of the situation?
  • Planning
    • What were your measurable objectives?
    • How were the objectives appropriate based on the situation or identified opportunities?
    • How did the plan correlate with your research findings?
    • How was your budget used effectively? (If applicable.)
    • Who was the target audience? (Primary and secondary)
  • Execution
    • What were your tactics?
    • How were your tactics implemented?
    • How appropriate were the tactics to achieving objectives, executing strategy?
    • How did you integrate the tools with one another?
    • How did your supplemental materials reflect the objectives?
  • Evaluation
    • What were your results? How did you track and measure your results?
    • How Did the results compare to the measurable objectives identified in the planning section?
    • How do the results reflect original strategy and planning?
    • What did you learn through evaluation? How would you refine the program?

Access the full entry guidelines here